Why does a cat need a mustache?


Have you ever noticed that a cat without a mustache is not pretty or familiar at all. Many of us as children wondered, โ€œWhat does a cat need a mustache for?โ€ And as it turns out, a cat needs them not only for beauty and pride, but also as an organ of vital importance simply necessary.

For example, whiskers help cats move around in the dark and are also a means to hunt.

In the scientific world whiskers are called vibrissae, a large number of nerve endings at their base, through which the cat receives information about the outside world, the weather, space, etc. A cat has about 24 vibrissae, i.e. 12 movable whiskers on each side. If for any reason a cat loses its whiskers, it will feel worse, hunt poorly and lose its orientation in space.

That is, the whiskers for the cat is a certain navigation system. Through them, they transmit information to their brain. Also an interesting fact, the mustache of a cat in the spread form corresponds to the width of its body. Therefore, approaching the narrow aisle, it understands with them whether or not it can pass.