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If you're here, you and I already have a lot in common. Like you, we know almost everything about cats, we can talk about them for hours and days. And how not to love them: you will not find in nature more graceful and beautiful, intelligent and caring, funny and amusing creatures than cats. They will never cease to amaze man - just as we never cease to be fascinated by them!

It's not uncommon for owners to choose their pets by color rather than by breed. Meanwhile, each species (and there are hundreds of them) has its own unique temperament. Knowing everything about cats and peculiarities of this or that breed, you will find it easier to find common ground. Our section on breeds of cats will help.

xWhen you buy a kitten or an adult cat you have questions about how to take care of them. It takes a lot of knowledge and effort, especially if the cat got into the house as a baby. Cat grooming tells you about all the details and nuances of cat ownership.

Some owners don't spay or neuter, so that their cat can experience the joy of motherhood. And a few of them even make good business out of it! For anyone planning to become a cat obstetrician, the cat mating section.

For cat nutrition the cat food category will help to understand the cat's diet. Treatment advice for sick animals is waiting for you in the cat treatment section. To learn what happened in the world of whiskers and striped aliens, you can join the Feline News, while the section Feline related stories will open the curtain on the lives of favorite "purrs". And finally, don't forget to look at the useful tips - the real "cat" wisdom is collected here!