Is dry food bad for cats and cats


The variety of dry food on the market makes the eyes diverge. And a caring owner, of course, will want to choose the most useful product for his pet from all the variety. In general, dry food has become quite usual for us and our pets, because it does not spoil and can be left for the cat during the day while we work, it is easy to use - just pour it.

But still, a cat should definitely eat meat, because with it he gets vital nutrients, so necessary for full life activity. In addition, dry food in excess carbohydrates, which is just the same in the catโ€™s diet should not be. Another disadvantage can be considered a development of obesity. After all, pouring a bowl full, often the owners do not suspect that it is an excessive dose. It is best to feed dry food no more than 2 times a day.

And in general, it is worth remembering that every cat is by nature a hunter and does not need constant home food!