Questions to ask when buying a kitten


Choosing and purchasing a kitten is an exciting process when it is easy to forget important things, so it is advisable to have a list of questions with you, the answers to which will help you in raising a kitten and caring for him. Be sure to read this list, it will help you avoid most mistakes.

  • Does the kitten have a documented pedigree?
  • Does the kitty’s current owner belong to a cat club?
  • Who are the kitty’s parents? What are their personalities? Do they have any medical conditions?
  • How many kittens in the litter? Was this kitten born smaller or weaker than its brethren?
  • Has the kitten been examined by a veterinarian? Were there any abnormalities in his development?
  • Was the kitten dewormed and at what age?
  • Was the kitten vaccinated and if so, what vaccinations? (All vaccinations given to the kitten should be documented in the kitten’s passport).
  • What kind of food is the kitten used to? How many times a day was he fed?
  • Is the kitten accustomed to using the litter box and scratching post? What is the construction of these accessories?