Types of bronchitis in cats, its signs and treatments


Bronchitis in cats refers to inflammation of the bronchial mucosa with subsequent involvement of the trachea. There are two forms of the disease - acute and chronic. The second type of disease usually affects older or weakened animals.

Chronic bronchitis is recognized when the cough lasts more than 2 months. In some pets it is accompanied by bronchial asthma. The acute form is characterized by a 7-21-day course until all symptoms disappear.

Specialists also distinguish the allergic type of bronchitis, which develops in cats due to a change of climate or manifested as a reaction of the body to medications.

The causes of bronchitis in cats are as follows:

  • hypothermia;
  • Transfer of a cold;
  • deterioration of the immune system;
  • Panleukopenia.

Symptoms of bronchitis in cats

Bronchitis in cats can be recognized by a number of signs:

  1. dry cough;
  2. increase in body temperature;
  3. runny nose, taking a mucopurulent form;
  4. shortness of breath;
  5. enlargement of the chest;
  6. pulmonary emphysema;
  7. atelectasis;
  8. bronchiectasia.

Treatment of bronchitis in cats

At the first signs of illness, the animal is provided with rest and warm conditions. Feed the cat with easily digestible food - fermented dairy products, porridges, mashed potatoes, broths. Drinking is served in a warm form.

Acute bronchitis is treated with antibiotics SFD course of 7 days. Prevention of the disease is to protect the cat from drafts and maintain its immunity with multivitamin complexes.