Surprising question, why does a cat have a wet nose?


But why is a cat’s nose so wet? It is worth understanding that sputum is just a viscous substance that helps the animal clearly recognize odors. It is by these that a cat can distinguish its prey and recognize its owner. During “March weddings” a cat and a cat easily find each other just because of the wet nose.

The second reason why a cat’s nose is wet is because there are no sweat glands on the body. So a wet nose helps your purrfect cat keep her body temperature at an optimal level. As a general rule, a cat’s nose should be dry during sleep.

Have you ever noticed how a cat tastes food? It first approaches the food with its wet nose, and only then, having determined the temperature of the food, does it proceed with its meal. The best thermometer for a cat is its nose.

Wildcats use their noses to determine the direction of the wind. The cat always hunts against the wind so that its prey cannot hear its scent. Where the wet nose is colder, that’s where the strong wind blows - it’s simple enough.