Claw removal in cats. Pros and cons


The pluses, of course, are: the sofa upholstery remains intact and unscathed. However, the question arises: is a piece of fabric worth the health and a great mood of your furry pet?

This is where the pluses of onychectomy end, leaving only the minuses. First of all, many doctors refuse to do it, although there is no official ban on it. If the operation is performed incorrectly, the cat is guaranteed a constant pain in legs and quite stiff gait, the risk of disease, weakened muscles, and decreased sense of balance.

The second unpleasant point is the healing after surgery. For two weeks, your cat will have to wear a collar so that he can’t reach and lick the stitches.

cat without claws

Also, cats can have a dramatic change in character after having their claws removed - almost always for the worse. The animal begins to feel defenseless and often becomes very aggressive. Also such cats start biting.

In general, the removal of claws is the most extreme and very cardinal method.

What can I say, there are dozens of other ways to protect the ardor of your pet. One of them is special silicone pads, which are changed every three to four weeks. This is the most painless and alternative to claw removal surgery!