Thai cat


The Thai cat is a breed related to the Siamese cat. They are compact and muscular cats with medium length elegant paws. Their head is rounded on all sides, has small ears spread out to the sides and slightly slanting, fascinating blue eyes shaped like lemons or almonds.

Thai cat is a mysterious, unusual and intriguing breed. If a Thai cat comes into the house, it is forever: it is impossible to part with this breed.

History of the breed

The origin of the natives from the East is shrouded in mystery. The exact date of the breed’s origin is unknown, we only know that in the 14th century in the state of Siam (present-day Thailand) there were many cats. They obediently served their masters: guarded monasteries, drove away evil spirits from homes. The king considered them faithful protectors of all the people and forbade to take them out of Siam.

Foreigners cats were not shown. In 1870, the Siamese king gave the British ambassador a priceless gift - two Thai cats. The official brought them back home, and the blue-eyed beauties saw the British. The love of Europeans for these ethereal creatures burst out instantly and lasts to this day.

What a real Thai cat looks like

The breed is often confused with the Siamese. These cats were once close relatives, but now they are two different full-fledged breeds. The Thai is a graceful predator by stature and behavior. It is never obese or thin, its body is always slender and trim. The size of the animal is medium, weight ranges from 4 to 7 kg.

Its legs are not long and muscular. The head has a shape reminiscent of a triangle, but it has no sharp angles. Muzzle is rounded, chin and lower jaw strong. Thai lady’s eyes are exactly as oriental princesses should have: large, slanting, with upper almond-shaped eyelids. The distinctive mesmerizing feature of the breed is the sky-blue color of its eyes.

Cat fur is truly royal: shiny, silky. Wool is thick and very pleasant to the touch. There is no undercoat.

Thai cat

Color peculiarities

“Color point” is what felinologists call this type of color. A taika’s body is light in color - kittens are born almost white, but as she grows up her coat becomes darker to ivory, and sometimes dark brown. Feet, tail and “mask” on muzzle are always darker than body itself: black (standard, most common color), caramel, purple, gray, blue, and others. Color fur is not always monochromatic, sometimes paws decorated with a pattern of diverging sideways bands - a color called “tabby.

Character and behavior

Thais are so smart and intelligent that one can agree with the King of Siam and consider them an envoy of the gods. There is no business in the house that is done without a cat. She keeps everything under control and helps with everything. Ordinary things - cleaning, hanging curtains - with a Thai turning into a game, but in some situations, it really prevents the threat. So, a pet will warn you about a strange smell in the kitchen, will lead you to the door if you do not hear the bell, be sure to wake up a young mother, whose baby has already slept.

The taika has her own opinion about anything, and she is not shy about expressing it. Cat’s “speech” by the variety of intonations and pitch resembles human speech. The more the owners talk to the fluffy beauty, the more readily and actively she responds. A strong emotional connection is established between the loving owner and the open secret cat: the owner is happy - and the cat is delighted, if a man is sick - her pet moping and will not leave him even for a moment.

Its main virtue - loyalty. Taika becomes attached not to the house, but to the man, if the cat has fallen in love with you - it’s for life. She expresses her feelings passionately: pettes, licks cheeks with her tongue, sings songs loudly, jumps into your arms.

Tai is easy to control, if you want you can train her. She will bring the ball, open the door - tenacious paws can do more than that. Sometimes owners completely abandon the litter trays - observant Thai copies the habits of people and gets used to the toilet.

Perhaps this is the only breed that is suitable for children. These cats adore babies, eagerly entertain them, play with them. Don’t be afraid of scratches and bites - even in the heat of a humorous fight Thai cat doesn’t forget that she sees a little man, treats the child with care.

Other pets quickly and easily get used to the cat. Over time, the taika begins to take the lead in this friendship - strong-willed person requires complete obedience of the surrounding animals.

Thai cat

Advantages and disadvantages

Cats absolutely cannot tolerate being alone - this is the most significant “disadvantage”. A taika can’t be left alone in a room, she panics. Another disadvantage - the possible consequences of irrepressible feline curiosity. If the animal is not watched, there will be falls, injuries, cuts, as well as broken dishes and trashed furniture.

But the “pluses” of the breed - a lot:

  1. Long life without illnesses - the cats have a very strong immune system;
  2. easy care - you do not even need to comb them, it is enough to hold their coats with wet hands. 3;
  3. sharp mind, perspicacity;
  4. artistry - all feelings and emotions can be read on cat’s face;
  5. Contactiveness, incredible friendliness;
  6. Reliable protection - Thai woman will not tolerate strangers in their own territory, quickly kick cats, dogs and other “unnecessary” animals;
  1. This cat is a true friend for all family members.

These pets please the eyes and soul of their owners by their appearance, behavior, affectionality. Thai cat is the best friend for sociable people and small children.