Sterilization of cats. To be or not to be?


An eternal question that every cat owner asks, sooner or later. It is worth noting that in Western countries neutering of cats is a mandatory process. There breeding kittens are dealt with professionals. Our people usually ignore this rule, some feel sorry for the animal, the second believes that against the nature of “you can not argue,” and the third does not even think about it.

And yet - is it necessary to sterilize a cat? How it affects her health? And what are the consequences?

First of all, it is worth to understand what neutering of cats is all about.

Sterilization is an operation performed by a professional that removes the animal’s ability to reproduce by removing the ovaries and/or uterus. It is usually performed before the pet is one year old, preferably at 7 to 9 months of age. General anesthesia is used during the surgery, so the animal feels no pain and feels normal afterwards.

Advantages of spaying cats

  1. Neutered animals do not depend on physiological seasonal desires, they are calm, do not scream, do not annoy their owners, do not spoil the wallpaper, furniture, and are less aggressive;
  2. Reduced risk of diseases of reproductive system: tumors of uterus, ovaries, mammary glands;
  3. Pet’s problem with unspent energy disappears, cat becomes quiet, peaceful, affectionate;
  4. If the cat does not have to constantly look for a mate, it will stop trying to run away from home. No longer do you have to carefully watch the windows and balconies to make sure the animal doesn’t accidentally jump out;
  5. You don’t have to feed the poor animal pills every time she starts her heat;
  6. You won’t have to worry about what your cat might breed and what to do with it afterwards. It’s much more humane to have the surgery once than to drown or throw the kittens in the trash later.

Disadvantages of spaying cats

  1. Your cat can get very fat as a result of slowed metabolism;
  2. Your pet will need rehabilitation after surgery, so it’s your responsibility to provide careful care;
  3. You and your cat will be very nervous during the sterilization process, you may even blame yourself at first, but trust me, you are doing the right thing.

_**Health to you and your cat!