Somali cat


Somali cat is a long-haired breed descended from the Abyssinian. In many countries of the world it is a well known and popular breed, but in Russia, on the contrary, it is still rare and little known.

Breed history

Somali, or another Somali cat, has among its ancestors Abyssinian relatives. The ancestor and founder of the breed is officially considered to be a cat named May-Ling Tutsuta. He was registered in Canada in the 60s. In 1978 Somali was recognized as an official breed, and then such an innovation occurred in Europe. Since then, these beauties and beauties with a complex character and chic-luxurious appearance conquer the minds and hearts of breeders and ordinary amateurs. They occupy the strongest place among the favorite and popular breeds. Today they can be viewed like an open, easy-to-read book.

Description of the breed.

  • The head of these feline representatives is small in size and diameter. The chin is round, without any bite;
  • Their ears are large, pointed, and broad at the base. Inside are tufts of hair and sometimes lynx tassels at the tips;
  • The eyes are huge, shiny tonsils. They have a dark outline. The color of the eyes can be both brown and yellow, sometimes with a hint of green;
  • Graceful and flexible from birth, the Somali is of medium size and well muscled. Their chest is always slightly protruded forward, and the sag of their back associates with readiness to jump;
  • The five-fingered forelimbs and four-fingered hind limbs give the impression of tremendous crustal capacity. The paws are somewhat oval in shape;
  • The fluffy long tail crowns the cat’s splendid physique. The undercoat is very thick, the coat thin and elongated. They have an excellent coat jabot, cats possess it to a greater extent;
  • The color of the Somali cat is exquisite and sophisticated. It comes in variations of sorrel, wild color, fawn and roe color. Each hair has transverse stripes and is colored in several shades. A gray or sandy solid tone, rips in the pattern entirely or in the necklace are considered culling. Blackness of hair roots or cats without markings on the head and tail are also considered “marriage”. Nowadays, there are many more colors, there are silver varieties of Somali cats.

Character of the breed

Playfulness is the main distinguishing characteristic of the Somali cat. This feature is not affected by age at all. Such an animal will be suitable for a family with children or for an active owner. Cats Somali do not like to be bored, and if you don’t have an arsenal of toys, they will make toys of the owner’s favorite things. They are especially fond of playing with water, watching the drops and other pleasures. This is so surprising, given the information about cats’ hatred of water procedures.

They are very sensitive to the mood of their surroundings. Because of this talent, Somalis are phenomenally comprehensible. They are easily accustomed to the rules and routines of the house. They are intelligent and positive animals. But do not quarrel with them or scold them, they can stubbornly. Gently ask and explain in a clear way, so you can interact with them much better.

Pros and cons of the breed

The pluses are undoubtedly the excellent health of the cute pirate, their fur doesn’t shed nearly as much. Playfulness and cheerfulness will also add to their points. Also, their amazing teachability will find them a lot of fans. Somali is not fastidious about the choice of food, but it is worth taking care of the diet. For all their playfulness, Somalis are friendly, especially to children.

Of the disadvantages perhaps mention difficult to care for the coat, stubbornness, a tendency to metabolic diseases. Stubbornness also can be a bit tedious from the plus go to the minus.

Somali cat is a living work of art. They rightfully take their place in the ranking of the most popular breeds. Such a cat is a personality in everything. And it will have to be reckoned with. But it will bring no less joy. Shine bright rays in the life of the owner and lift his spirits mischievous grimaces. There is something inexplicably wild and primordial in this breed. It helps to touch the origins just by its appearance. Exoticism envelops the Somali beauty from foot to tail tip, in general, with the head. Something mysterious and unusual lurks in the depths of cunning pale eyes. Somali cats have a wild magnetism and a special disposition.