Funny and funny nicknames for cats and cats


Cats themselves are so amazing creatures that they do not need to try on purpose - just seeing them, a person instantly blurred in a smile. And to increase the pleasure of close communication with a pet, the owner will be helped by the same funny nickname. It’s one step from real humor to vulgarity, so it’s important not to go overboard and choose a really funny name.

We recommend choosing a funny name based on the appearance of your purrfect, his habits and preferences. Just don’t be afraid to be original.

Funny nicknames for boy kittens:

Joker, Noodle, Anchovy, Scooby, Beardface, Confucius, Bouncer, Big Mac, Pipo, Yeti, Zucchini, Tank, Zephyr, Pixel, Doodle, Hulk, Zorro, Lustrick, Alf, Winky, Schnaps, Homer, Croton, Hunter.

When choosing a name for a girl kitten, also try to be original:

Kiwi, Cinnamon, Mademoiselle, Marmalade, Waffle, Paprika, Kegel, Bullet, Butt, Pussycat, Swallow, Rocket, Morph, Constitution, Sonka, Watruska, Pepsi Cola.