How many cats are there in the world?


Cats are over 35 million years old and there are approximately 400-600 million domestic cats in the world today. This wide variation is primarily due to the pregnancy of cats, which takes 58-72 days, and can give birth to 1-5 kittens, in rare cases 7. Another factor is that there are more than 256 breeds of domestic cats. They all differ from each other in appearance, personality, temperament, etc.

For example, Siberian, Siamese, Persian, Sphynx and many others. Australian residents appreciate cats very much, so 10 residents will have at least 9 cats. In Indonesia, approximately 30 million cats live in homes, and here the French have about 8 million cats and cats. In Peru, for example, there are only a few domestic cats.

And how many more wild, untamed and unknown to us cats there are on the planet. They number about 35-36 species. Only Australia and Antarctica are not inhabited by these cats. Unfortunately, some species of wild cats, such as tigers or snow leopards, are in danger of extinction.