How many times does a cat give birth?


A kitten grows up amazingly fast, and after six months a young cat starts her first heat. This is a very restless time for the cat and her owners. The cat screams, rolls or crawls on the floor, and demands a cat. If she lives in a private or suburban home, she goes off uncontrollably in search of a male.

Not surprisingly, owners become anxious and the question arises - how many times does a cat give birth? This largely depends on each kitty. Character and maternal care, as well as people, are different. Despite the possibility of heat in 2-3 weeks after the birth of kittens, as a rule, the cat is an excellent mother, she spends all day long in the care of her offspring and does not go out to find a cat. It takes two months to nurse the kittens, and then the cat recovers from the hard period of childbirth, feeding, and taking care of the offspring for some time. When the kittens are strong enough and have developed skills for independent life, and the catโ€™s body has recovered enough, your cat is ready for the next stage of nursing and delivering kittens. In fact, a cat gives birth 2 or less than 3 times a year. As the cat gets older, it has more time to recover, and kittens come less often.

Veterinarians recommend no more than twice a year!