How many kittens does a cat give birth to the first time?


Many people, when first mating, ask the question, “How many kittens does a cat give birth to the first time?” The first time a cat gives birth to far fewer kittens than her experienced friends. This is due to the peculiarities of the young cat’s body. Although it is impossible to predict exactly, because every cat is different.

Basically, it is 1-2 and rarely 3 kittens. But the first pregnancy, it is not only a smaller number of kittens, but also a longer delivery. Therefore, you need to watch the cat very carefully.

The second time the cat already brings a lot more kittens. There were cases when a cat brought 15 kittens at a time. Generally, it is hard to say how many kittens the cat will bring in the second and subsequent times, but on average it is 5-6 kittens.

Remember the main thing, pregnant cat, especially the first time, should not be stressed, otherwise it will shed kittens. Take care of your pet and then get a good litter.