How long cats go pregnant


When you bring a tiny furry creature into your home, you should be prepared for the fact that in 6-9 months the kitty will turn into an adult animal and will be ready for her first birth. At this time, the caring owner has many questions. When, after mating, will this very important event for the cat take place? How many kittens can be born? How long does a cat go pregnant? What are the signs that characterize each stage of carrying the offspring? How will your furry family member’s behavior change from day to day?

The natural process of pregnancy in cats lasts on average 67 days. With short-haired cats the term may be shortened by 10 days, and with long-haired breeds it may be increased by one week. The number of kittens also affects the time of gestation: the more embryos develop in the cat’s body, the sooner the birth will take place.

The number of kittens depends on the content of the animal and the characteristics of the breed. A stray cat, for example, gives birth to an average of three kittens each. In a good home environment, your pet can give birth to 2 to 10 kittens.

Pregnancy Stages

Cat pregnancy, of course, is not a painful condition, but it is a period that needs increased attention and care.

Pregnancy begins with the preparation of the nipples for feeding. They noticeably turn pink and become rounded. The tummy becomes soft and pliable, although it increases slightly - up to one and a half centimeters. At this time, the animal’s appetite becomes enviable - the cat eats a lot and with pleasure. She stops playing, preferring sleep to other activities.

Her behavior also changes. The cat may become cranky and even irritable. It is at this time it especially needs affection and attention. Treat, however, with understanding, if the animal wants some privacy. The cat listens to the unexpected sensations and gets used to its new state.

After three weeks the cat calms down, its mood becomes more even. Its tummy grows noticeably. Kittens reach 3-5 centimeters.

After one month, the pregnancy is already clearly visible. The embryos grow up and descend into the cat’s abdominal cavity.

In the seventh to eighth week of pregnancy, future kittens grow hair. They grow quickly and reach eight centimeters already. At this time, the cat usually loses its appetite.

The last, pre-pregnancy stage begins in the eighth week of gestation. The cat’s tummy enlarges significantly. You can feel the movement of the embryos by putting your hand to it, at this time they are extremely active.

The cat’s anxiety increases, it rushes around the apartment. The pressure of the embryos on the bladder sometimes leads to unexpected urination. This is very depressing for the clean-clean animal. Show leniency and reassure the cat and show her that you still love her.

The last 24 hours before the birth the cat spends in endless search for a suitable place. The most important process in the life of a cat - giving birth - usually begins with the characteristic cry of the animal. It is as if the cat is letting you know that its kittens are about to be born.