How long can a cat not eat?


If your cat is sick, she usually has no appetite. In this case you should not panic, this is a normal reaction of the body. Just in case it is worth to go to the veterinarian. After all, for them the question of how long the cat may not eat is quite common. But everyone’s opinions on this subject are quite different.

If you’re going to go away for a week and leave the cat, you can just fill it up with food for that time. Roughly calculate how much the animal eats in a day and multiply by the right number of days. Don’t forget to put a larger container of water. Do not be afraid that the cats will overeat, they are intelligent animals, and they can determine the right portion size themselves.

If the cat will not eat because of the illness, you should be aware that after a week it may become dehydrated. This can be fatal, so keep a close eye on your cat’s health.