How much should a cat eat?


A cat is familiar with the feeling of fullness. She will not overeat or eat too much. Feeding a cat usually does not cause problems for the owner. Although the question “How much should a cat eat?” is still relevant.

If we talk about the standards of nutrition, as recommended by experts, it is generally accepted that the cat of normal body weight consumes up to 60 kilocalories per day per one kilogram of weight. This means that if your cat weighs 4 kilograms, its daily rate is no more than 240 kcal.

The energy value is listed on the food package. It is necessary to take into account the activity of your pet, the more mobile ones need additional nutrition. The amount of food also increases during pregnancy and lactation. After 8 years of age cats can be fed less, their needs are reduced to 40 or 50 kcal per kilogram of weight.