Development of fibrosarcoma in cats, ways to treat it


Fibrosarcoma in cats is a tumor that has formed in the soft tissues due to the failure of fibroblast cell division. Occasionally, the neoplasm develops in the bones, causing weakening of the bone structure of the entire body. Fractures and amputations of extremities are the deplorable result of such pathology.

A large proportion of fibrosarcoma in the bones is a benign process and its course without metastasis. However, it also happens that a malignant tumor “scatters” cancer cells throughout the body and affects lymph nodes, skin and organs.

Fibrosarcoma develops from collagen fibers, that is, connective tissue protein. The rapid division of pathogenic cells is dangerous to the life of the animal by compromising the integrity and stability of the bone skeleton. But most often the tumor is defined as benign and is confused with a cyst, a bubble or a protective shell. The nature of the disease is not fully understood.

Signs of fibrosarcoma in cats are as follows:

  • Uncoordinated movement;
  • shaky gait;
  • fractures of limbs in the absence of trauma;
  • Swelling of the diseased area.

Treatment of fibrosarcoma in cats

Fibrosarcoma in cats is treated by surgery to remove the affected area in the bone or tumor area. If necessary, a complete amputation of the limb is performed. If tumor metastasis throughout the body is detected, the prognosis is not comforting. However, do not get upset prematurely, because the disease does not always metastasize.