How to prolong the life of a cat? Tips


What cat owner doesn’t want his or her pet to live happily ever after? Meanwhile, everything is in our hands. Prolong the life of a cat is quite simple. The main thing is to follow certain rules.

Health and longevity of cats depends largely on the quality of food. A good complete diet is the key to a shiny coat, healthy skin and shiny eyes of the animal. The right diet will strengthen the cat’s immune system, improve its health, and strengthen its bones and muscles.

Overweight is a problem nowadays for owners and pets alike. It’s the cause of many ailments. It’s proven that overeating cats live up to two years less than their trimmer counterparts, because being overweight can provoke many diseases, including diabetes, joint and heart disease.

All cats without exception need constant veterinary control. It’s not only about the necessary vaccinations. Regular check-ups at the vet will detect disease at an early stage, keeping your cat healthy and saving you the expense of future treatments.

Oral hygiene is as important for a cat as it is for humans. Sore teeth may cause your cat to refuse food and lead to certain illnesses, such as kidney disease. If you can’t train your four-legged friend to a toothbrush, you can use special toys, tools and diets. Ask your veterinarian for advice.

Lots of cats take walks outside, unaccompanied by their owners, where they are left to their own devices. So you’d think your cat would be happier if he had a bit more freedom, wouldn’t you? However, in the streets of the city, there are dangers at every turn: cars, contagious diseases, poisonous substances, spoiled food, etc.

**Every owner is responsible for his or her pet.