Cat behavior before delivery


Before giving birth the cat’s behavior changes. She begins to behave more restlessly, looking for the fifth corner of the apartment, huddling at her owner’s feet.

Let’s look at a few points that will help you in this matter.

  1. The cat starts looking for a hiding place. Climb into closet drawers, boxes and other hiding places. Be aware that the cat is looking for a nest to give birth to;
  2. It is desirable to prepare in advance a hiding place for your cat. It may be a box with a bedding or a hand-made (bought) cat house. If you feel your cat’s restlessness, take it to the prepared place, pet it and let it calm down;
  3. When the cat has her first contractions (the cat will be thrashing around in the box), the uterus opens and the fetus begins to change position;
  4. Some time after the waters have broken, the first baby appears. The kitten comes out head first. Don’t be alarmed, the kitten will come out in the bubble, this is normal and indicates that the birth is proceeding normally;
  5. You may only need to help when the kitten is coming out with her tail forward. Just stroke the cat’s abdomen, and gently (VERY gently, WITHOUT force) press on the ribs and rib cage;
  6. After the last kitten is born, change the bedding and put plenty of water nearby.