Consequences of a cat bite


It is not uncommon for cat bites to be accompanied by unpleasant complications. This is especially true of stray cats. Most people rarely pay attention to pet bites, but this is a larger misconception and special attention should be paid to it.

  • Half the time, a cat bite is accompanied by an unpleasant infection. This is because a catโ€™s mouth contains a greater number of germs. They are harmless for the cat, but if they get into the blood when bitten, they cause a lot of trouble;
  • If a cat bites your hand or foot you can get not only an infection from the cat, but also add foreign germs to the wound;
  • If the wound is not deep, washing it with regular laundry soap with high alkali content is enough. This will be enough to kill the rabies virus. It also does not hurt to treat the bite site with antibacterial ointment;
  • In the case of a deep bite, it takes much longer to rinse the wound, on average 15 minutes. Afterwards treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide or iodine. As necessary, apply a bandage;
  • If you are bitten by a cat you do not know, seek medical attention immediately.