Consequences of spaying a cat


The consequences of spaying a cat show up fairly quickly. The most common negative reactions are as follows.

  • Due to the cessation of production of the hormone estrogen there is a significant increase in the appetite of the pet. In this case, it is important to maintain a proper and balanced diet;
  • Spayed cats have a reduced metabolism;
  • Chronic diseases, after spaying, are also exacerbated;
  • Sexual hunting is characteristic of the first post-operative weeks;
  • For spayed cats is characterized by increased weakness, drowsiness;
  • A very unpleasant consequence can be rotting of postoperative stitches.

These symptoms are typical for the first two weeks after the sterilization procedure. If these symptoms persist after that time, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. If the stitches are inflamed you should limit the catโ€™s movements, and you should continually treat the inflamed area with an antiseptic. Provide careful and timely care for the cat. It is advisable to give the cat a special bed in which it can rest comfortably, thus reducing its need to move around. You should also pay attention to good nutrition. A diet with the maximum amount of vitamins and low fat content is optimal.