Do cats understand human language


It has long been known that cats have no language barrier. When transporting these animals around the globe, they have no problems in understanding humans from any country. The reason for this phenomenon is not known to anyone. Scientists in many countries are investigating this question: do cats understand human language?

Many are trying to systematize knowledge and build a logical system when a human communicates with a cat. Therefore, over the years of observations, various hypotheses on this subject have been published, let’s review some of them:

  1. most people tend to claim that cats have the ability to telepathy. They believe that cats read information from the human energy field. They also communicate with each other through thought. This is one of the common theses, but it seems mystical and naive to many scientists;
  2. The next theory, which denies the phenomenon of telepathy, speaks of a simpler method of understanding. The basic idea is that cats have a special intuition which helps to feel their master’s mood and understand his thoughts. It turns out that the cat understands what is required of it, just remembering the intonation, timbre and speed of speech; Many pet owners simply do not think about the reason for this understanding, taking it for granted. After all, when we give our pets our love, we get much more in return!