Why do cats like valerian?


Many cats and cats have a strange love for valerian. Many owners have wondered: why do cats like valerian? According to experts, the answer to this question is quite simple.

As it turns out, the smell of valerian is similar to the smell of sex hormones of the “walking kitty”. This smell excites the nervous system of the animal, which causes unusual behavior.

The fact that cats react more to the smell of valerian than cats, which is practically unresponsive, confirms the scientists’ arguments. During heat, cats generally do not respond to the scent at all. When a cat smells valerian vapors, various biochemical processes begin to occur in his body and male hormones are released in large quantities. In some cases, the pet becomes addicted to this smell, becoming insane. It is reminiscent of toxicomania.

Cat owners should limit cats from valerian, as it can be dangerous in large doses.