Why isn't the kitten eating?


Usually, when you take a kitten home, the owner brings it home and, first of all, tries to feed it. If the kitten does not eat, then the question arises, why? The owner is nervous and doesn’t know how to behave. Let’s look at a few reasons for the kitten’s lack of appetite.

  1. Stress, a change of scenery. The duration of this condition can be no more than 2-3 days. If this time has passed, and you still have not been able to feed the kitten, you need to help him: lubricate periodically the kitten’s mouth with milk, and wait until the kitten himself begins to lap up milk from a saucer;
  2. Not liking food. Kitten senses more than humans and its sense of smell may tell it that the food is unfamiliar or has begun to spoil. Do not force-feed the kitten. You will need to offer him other foods to diversify his diet and maybe some other time he will eat the food you offered him in the beginning;
  3. The kitten took food in his mouth and then refused. These are symptoms of dental or gum disease. Be sure to show him to the doctor;
  4. The kitten refuses to eat, and at the same time he runs around the apartment and poops everywhere, although before he went to his litter box and behaved relatively calmly, then there is a high probability that the kitten is troubled [worms] (../../../assets//glisty-u-koshek/ ‘Worming in cats - symptoms and treatment’). Be sure to see your veterinarian;
  5. Does the kitten run to the bowl, but then refuses to eat? Remember immediately what detergent you wash his bowl with? Perhaps the kitten senses that the bowl is not rinsed. Be sure to rinse the bowl with hot running water after using chemicals, or better yet, use unscented laundry soap, baking soda and warm water.