Why do cats leave home?


It happens that cats leave the house. Most often it happens when a cat lives in a private home. There animals feel more independent of the owner and quite independent. If something provoked the cat to run away from the territory of the dwelling, nothing will stop it. It is important to know why cats leave home in order to prevent escape.

If for some reason the cat or cat has not been spayed or neutered, then most likely they run away at the call of nature. In cats, this period comes during heat. Maximum sexual activity in Siamese cats, can begin even at 6 months. And less active are Siberian and Persian cats. Determining that a cat is in heat is quite simple. It will not give its owner any peace during the day or night, you will always hear its heartbreaking cries and whimpering. During this period it is important to close windows and doors well, so that the animal in this condition will not run away from home. With a cat the situation is more complicated, because he is almost always trying to find a cat. But still the most activity occurs in the spring.