Why do cats sleep on their feet?


Cats have an excellent relationship with human feet. Strangely enough, animals prefer them to soft mats, pads and cots. This begs the question: why?

  1. Cats are very fond of warmth - this is a fact. Their favorite places in the house are stoves, fireplaces, window sills under the radiators. But the human body is warmer than any, the softest cat bed. So the cat prefers to sleep on humans. Many owners forbid it, so the fluffy cat lies down at the feet. If the cat lies on your chest, you may accidentally turn around in your sleep and crush it;
  2. Cats sleep on their feet if a person is sick. This version is very popular among owners, but the official science refutes it. Murka can sense that the unhealthy organ has become warmer than the others, so it lies down on it. And we feel better because the cat “takes away” the bad energy;
  3. in this way cats express their love and gratitude to their owner. And if there are small children in the family, one of them can openly demonstrate their rights for attention, to show their closeness to you. So do not chase the animal away. On the contrary, pet it and ask it to sleep right there, at your feet.