Why do cats hiss?


First of all, by hissing the cat defends itself. In the animal world there is such a phenomenon as mimicry, when non-poisonous animals masquerade as poisonous ones. A cat hisses because the sound is similar to the hiss of a snake and can frighten a potential adversary.

If two cats hiss at each other, donโ€™t try to stop them. In this case, hissing is not a defense, but a way to establish hierarchy. When playing, your kitten may attack the mother cat, and she will hiss too. This demonstrates that older cats are not to be disturbed.

It is not uncommon for a cat to hiss at its owner as well. In this situation, it is best to ignore it and walk away. You should not try to yell, pet the cat or try to calm it down. Give her time to calm down - and Murka will stop acting like a snake.

It is not uncommon for these animals to hiss at strangers who show up at your house. Each person has an individual smell - with hissing the cat warns that it is not very happy to see a new object on its territory.