Why do cats purr?


Unlike ordinary humans, cats never use the tip of their tongue, so they cannot shape the sounds. Instead, animals create thirteen distinct vowels by varying the muscle tension in the throat, mouth, lips, and nasal sinuses. The reasons for the rumbling may be different.

If a mother cat purrs, it helps the kittens find her. It symbolizes reassurance for the kittens and shows that the animal cares about her offspring and loves them. So the mama cat purrs almost all the time, and that’s normal.

Sometimes a cat can purr if she feels pain or is anxious or stressed. The pet is self-soothing and may be in pain. If he has recently been ill with something, it is a good idea to take your cat to the vet.

If he climbs on top of you and starts purring, he is simply expressing affection. Their declaration of affection may not just be for their owner, but also for the food at the feeder. And cats can also purr softly in their sleep, if they dreamed something good.