Why do cats sleep a lot?


Cats are known to sleep a lot. About 15-16 hours a day. However, they do not sleep once a day, but divide this time into several parts. Also during the remaining 8-9 hours they can take a quiet nap. Many people wonder why cats spend so much time sleeping.

Strangely enough, cats have a very active lifestyle. While they are awake they have a very high metabolism and body temperature. Naturally, maintaining this activity requires an increased expenditure of energy. In their sleep, cats accumulate wasted energy. This saves the normal functioning of the central nervous system and other organs of the animal. It is also a complex process and is ensured by alternating between sleep and wakefulness. Decreased duration of sleep can lead to undesirable consequences such as aggressiveness, irritability, and reduced immunity.

What is interesting, even during sleep, cats receive a wide range of information from the world around them, and the catโ€™s brain remains highly active.