Why are cats afraid of the vacuum cleaner?


It is not uncommon for observant owners to notice that any noisy appliance makes cats nervous, hiss or even run away from the room. Let’s try to understand what causes dislike of the vacuum cleaner and if it is possible to get rid of it. Do all cats dislike vacuuming so much?

An animal’s fear of a big noisy appliance is not surprising. The fact is that cats don’t like the sound the machine makes. In addition, especially loud appliances, including vacuum cleaners, create unpleasant vibrations for the pet. These vibrations have a negative effect on the cat’s perception. A cat’s small size does not allow it to evaluate the real level of threat generated by a vacuum cleaner or other noisy appliance. Experts and veterinarians strongly recommend moving the cat to another room, away from the cleaning area. This will avoid undesirable effects on the pet’s psyche. As cats get older they become more tolerant of the vacuum cleaner and the noise it makes. This is most likely due to the animal getting used to certain sounds.