Why does the cat bury food?


It is not uncommon to see amazement in the eyes of owners who observe the antics of their pets. For example, many people wonder why a cat buries food. There is no answer from the cats and owners have to only guess about the true intentions of the pet. There is no definite answer to this question, but there are a number of guesses.

  1. A cat hides part of its food, storing it for a hungry time;
    1. The cat is not hungry at the moment and hides food to eat it later;
  2. Perhaps the cat is not happy with the appearance of the food and wants to hide it to never see it again;
  3. Maybe the quality of the food is poor. The selective pet demands that it be replaced;
  4. Some suggest that the pet has confused its toilet with the feeder and the food with the filler;
  5. Alternatively, the cat’s instincts tell it to hide its prey so it won’t share;
  6. Or on the contrary hides it to share its meal with a neighbor’s cat-companion;
  7. Maybe so cats warm up before a meal;
  8. In the end, maybe they just play so and amuse the owners.