First cat, Is it worth buying an adult cat or a kitten?


Here are the key factors for and against. We hope they will help you make the only and correct choice.

It is best not to get a kitten in a family where there are children of preschool age, i.e. under 6 years old. They simply do not know how to behave with such animals. As a result, either the animal can scratch the child, or the child can injure the furball.

If you’re away from home a lot, have physical disabilities, if your age is over 60, getting a kitten is far from a good option. These animals need an “eye on them,” as they start poking around all the tables and crevices. Also note the surprising fact that kittens are often more expensive than adults. Individuals can cost over a thousand dollars!

If all of these weighty arguments do not embarrass you, you may as well have a kitten. You will have a true friend in your house, who will live and make you happy for many years.