Can cats eat raw meat?


Raw meat is the best natural food of any carnivore, including cats. Therefore, the answer to the question “Can cats eat raw meat?” - OK.

Meat of any kind is suitable for feeding, the main requirement for it is that it must not be fatty. The daily rate of meat is about 100 grams. The cat will gladly eat boiled or raw beef or lamb chopped into small pieces. The meat should preferably be young and necessarily lean. Pork is given from time to time and must be boiled. Boiled and rabbit. It is freed from the bones and cut into pieces. Rich in vitamins and exceptionally useful for cats liver meat. It is given in raw form once every two weeks. By-products need to be boiled beforehand.

Cat physiology differs from human physiology, so it is dangerous for your cat’s health to feed it from its own table. Switching your pet to another food should be done gradually, over several days.