Can I give my cat valerian?


There are people who like to slip their pets some valerian, just for fun, to see how the poor animal will behave. Are such actions safe for the cat, what will be the consequences of such a seemingly harmless joke?

Under the influence of valerian, cats look as if they are enjoying it. They move around the apartment chaotically, swaying from side to side, meowing and squealing so loudly that they will arouse the ears of all the neighbors.

Interestingly, the valerian has this effect only on cats, but cats do not react in any way and do not show any interest.

Catnip, which is a common weed that grows almost anywhere, has a similar effect on cats. Exposure to catnip in large quantities has a negative effect on the well-being of the animal. Most often the pet’s hair falls out, less often there is a lapse in memory. There are special toys in the form of a ball, for example, which are impregnated with vapors of the plant. However, they are perfectly safe because the concentration of vapors is very low and does not harm the pet.