Bathe the cat correctly. Work on mistakes.


Bathing is the most hated procedure for many domestic cats and the most difficult for most pet owners. And, despite the popular belief that a cat is capable of cleaning its coat of dirt on its own, regular water procedures are necessary.

Some owners of “especially” house cats, who don’t leave the comfort of their apartment and don’t want to go on outdoor trips, deny the need for regular washing of their pets. And rightly so. It turns out that just the bathing procedure allows the cat to get rid of dead hair, debris, dust and other impurities, thus significantly improving the quality of cat fur, its skin condition and clearing its pores.

Before you start bathing your cat make thorough preparations for this difficult but very important procedure. Divide the event into several steps in your mind and think thoroughly about what you will do next.


  1. Never bathe your cat in the street, otherwise you will not be able to catch the cat that accidentally escaped from your hands. It’s best to bathe your cat in a small, enclosed bathroom or shower stall;
  2. Do not bathe the cat without taking away all of the objects that are present in the room, which the cat can drop, damage, throw on the floor or break in a fit of rage. The same goes for the plastic shower curtain, which can easily be destroyed with a wave of the unwilling pet; Make sure to protect your own hands to avoid wounds, scratches and bite marks. Especially the owners of pets, prone to violent reactions to bathing, should follow this rule. Before you start bathing your cat, make sure you have thick gloves on your hands;
  3. Have a special shampoo and a towel near where you are going to bathe the cat;
  4. Fill the tub or basin with warm water and courageously follow the main participant of the event - the cat or the cat.


Tenderly talking to your pet, lower it into the tub or basin and immediately begin the actual washing procedure. All of your movements should be as quick as possible, but not harsh and careful. Liberally rinse the cat’s fur with clean water, shampoo, rinse thoroughly and wash out the foam with plenty of warm water. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times. Most likely your cat will desperately resist the washing process, trying to bite you, scratch you or vomit out of your hands. Stay calm and concentrate on rinsing the cat’s hair well and thoroughly freeing it from the soapy lather.

When you finish bathing, thoroughly dry the cat’s fur with a towel. Try not to use a hair dryer. Loud noises from this electric device will affect your cat’s psyche in a bad way.