Mastopathy in cats


Mastopathy in cats is a precancerous disease. The exact cause of the disease has not been determined, but experts have concluded that sex hormones are the trigger for the development of the pathology. It has been observed that sterilized cats, who have never had a heat before surgery, almost never get mastopathy. If a cat is spayed between her first and second heat, her chances of getting the condition decrease by 25%.

A sign of mastopathy is a small lump on the breast with dark contents inside. When palpating the mammary glands, the veterinarian can palpate balls of elastic or soft consistency.

If the cat is expecting offspring or has been diagnosed with a false pregnancy, an enlargement of the mammary glands is considered normal. Then the lactation process starts. At the end of it, the mammary glands should shrink and return to normal. All this physiological, or temporary changes, about which it is not necessary to worry.

mastopathy in cats

Treatment of mastopathy in cats

Mastopathy in cats is treated with medication or surgery. In the first case, the animal is prescribed antitumor drugs, immunosuppressants, rubs. During surgery, the mammary glands are completely removed, so one should not hope for further birth of kittens.

Prevention of mastitis in cats is to sterilize the animals until the age of 2 years. If, however, cats simply took medication for heat, the risk of developing the disease in them is greatly increased.