Moulting in cats


Moulting in cats is the process of hair change. It is a completely normal and natural process. As a rule, it occurs in the spring or fall. Some species of cats are capable of molting for almost the entire year, which causes their owners a lot of trouble.

There are many reasons for the continuous molting throughout the year, but most often it is a lack of vitamins, poor nutrition, various gastrointestinal diseases.

Cat molting

The drastic difference in climate outside the window and in the house plays no small part in the abundant and prolonged molting. Causes of hair loss can also be dermatological in nature. In this case, the cat is examined for parasites, dandruff, local ulcers, baldness and so on. If any of these are present, the animal should be seen by a doctor.

How can you tell if your pet cat is about to molt? Lightly yank her hair. If at least a small wisp of hair remains in your hands, the molting has just begun. Interestingly, for short-haired breeds it just crumbles, for long-haired cats it falls out in shreds.