Treatment of cats from fleas, ticks and lice


Treatment of cats from fleas, ticks and lice. General recommendations.

Fleas in cats

If your pet has often started biting into its body with its teeth, started making sudden movements and constantly scratching, it is a clear sign that it has fleas. Flea feces and flea eggs can be found on your pet’s body. To control fleas, you need to apply hygiene measures to the pet and its surroundings. Chamomile infusions are effective when bathing.

fleas in cats

Ticks in cats

They can be found on hair-free areas of the skin (ears, areas around the eyes, etc.). Ticks often carry diseases, plus they make your pet itchy when they bite. Under no circumstances should you pull the tick out, because only the body falls off, but the proboscis stays inside and causes inflammation in your pet. To remove the tick, drop a solution of alcohol, kerosene or gasoline on it. After a while the tick falls off on its own, but if it doesn’t, twist it around its axis.

Cat lice

These parasites are very often found on young animals, mainly on the head of the animal. They can be combatted by taking medication or by combing them thoroughly.

To prevent parasites on the cat’s skin, inspect the skin daily, at least the exposed areas of the body.