Skin diseases in cats - a brief overview


Let’s take a look at what skin diseases cats have (some types).

External wounds

If your cat develops skin injuries (scratches, abrasions, gouges) you should not rush to heal them, your pet will lick them himself.

Eczema in cats

Eczema is divided into wet and dry. The disease is caused by allergies and appears as large red spots on the skin. In wet eczema, these spots are continuously wet. After detection of the disease, first of all prevent licking of the cat, for this purpose you can wear a small special cat suit. Treating the disease at home is extremely difficult, it is better to see a veterinarian.

Trichoma in cats

Trichoma - hair entanglement, especially common in animals with long hair. Most often this problem is solved by cutting out the problem areas of the hair. It should be removed very carefully, since the animal is often restless and may damage the skin folds with the scissors.

Cat thrush

Milkweed is a fungal skin disease that usually appears around the ears. Symptoms: the skin around the ears becomes red, yellow discharge appears from the ears, and the cat constantly scratches the ears. To treat the disease you should go to the veterinarian and he will prescribe medicines and shampoos to get rid of the infection.