The kitten sneezes


Kittens can sneeze for a variety of reasons. The most innocuous of these is inhalation of an unpleasant odor or dust entering the airways. Here, sneezing is seen as a defensive reaction - this way the lungs clean themselves. As an allergic reaction the sneezing can occur if the cat constantly breathes in tobacco smoke, comes into contact with household chemicals or toilet litter. Kittens can also sneeze because of a foreign body in their airways.

Other causes of sneezing can be diseases:

  • Toxoplasmosis, characterized by impaired respiratory function;
  • Borthedellosis, an illness of bacterial etiology accompanied not only by sneezing, but also by fever, cough, and nasal and eye discharge;
  • chlamydiosis, leading to lacrimation, difficulty breathing, fever;
  • mycoplasmosis, complementing the picture with conjunctivitis and profuse discharge from the eyes;
  • respiratory tract infections, especially rhinotracheitis.

What to do if your kitten sneezes?

If a kitten starts sneezing, you need to pay attention to the presence of accompanying symptoms and go to the veterinarian. After examining the pet, he will determine the cause of the abnormality and prescribe treatment. You should not give the pet nose drops with “human” drops without the knowledge of a specialist. If the sneezing was caused by a foreign body, it should be removed at the clinic. If the sneezing causes blood to leak from the kitten’s nasal passages, you must go to the vet as soon as possible.