The cat wants a cat. What to do?


Puberty in cats comes at 7-9 months. At this period, the cat will show its desire in every way, but you should not start looking for a cat, because veterinarians advise to mate after one year of age. Before the age of one year, it is dangerous for a cat to get pregnant, because the body is not fully formed. When pregnant at an early age, the spine can sag, which will cause a hard labor and may be fatal. Fetal arrest is also a big problem in early pregnancy.

What to do if your cat wants a cat?

Looking for a cat

If you want to become the lucky owner of cat offspring, then this option is for you. You will have to become the owner of another pet, a cat, for a few days. But remember, the “cat wants a cat” problem will come back again in about six months.

Cat Cries. We plug our ears and bear it.

A method for people with iron nerves. You will have to endure your cat’s howls for several seasons until she loses her instinct. The method is ineffective, moreover it is very bad for the cat’s health.

Pharmacological remedies to reduce sexual activity in cats

Today there are a huge number of drugs to reduce sexual activity in cats. For example, Antisex tablets. The effect is wonderful, but with constant use, is very harmful to the health of the cat.


[Cat sterilization](../../../assets//sterilizaciya-koshek-byt-ili-ne-byt/ ‘Cat sterilization. To be or not to be?“) - is the most effective and cardinal option for solving the problem. The surgery is not dangerous, but as with any surgery there are risks. It is a huge stress for the pet, so it will need good care after the surgery.