Feline otitis media - symptoms and treatment


Otitis in cats is a process of inflammation that occurs in the ear. There are two types of otitis media - external otitis media and middle otitis media. Outer otitis media causes inflammation of the part of the ear that is outside of the eardrum. And middle otitis media refers to the process of inflammation of the middle ear.

Causes of feline otitis media

The causes of otitis media can vary, but it is often caused by an ear [ear mite] (…/../assets//ushnoj-kleshh-u-koshek-simptomy-sposoby-lecheniya/ ‘Ear mite in cats: symptoms and treatments’) or other foreign body. Cats with otitis media are constantly shaking their heads and scratching their ears with their paws. Cats may also hold their head slightly askew, for every movement or turn causes them pain. Sometimes otitis media manifests itself through a profuse discharge of fluids, in severe cases pus, from the ears. If you look inside the auricle of a sick cat, you can see a swelling of bright pink or red, and feel an unpleasant smell.

Treatment of feline otitis media

Treatment of otitis media is required immediately, due to the fact that it can easily develop into a chronic form and lead to irreversible hearing loss in the cat. If there is no way to take the cat to the vet, you can try to cure it yourself at home with isopropyl alcohol or ordinary medical alcohol.

When treating cat otitis at home, you must use 70% isopropyl alcohol and wipe the ears about 2-3 times during the day. When the ear cleaning is finished, you may also drop 1-2 drops of this alcohol into the ear and massage it near the base to enhance the effect of the medicine.

But be sure to take the cat to the doctor if there is no improvement after these procedures.