Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex is a cat breed of the short-haired category. The main feature of the appearance is a coat devoid of scalp hair, with undercoat curled into a dense wave, similar in structure to astrakhan.

Features of the breed

The distinctive feature of the breed is that they can not stay long without people. Even in moments of loneliness, these cats try to lie down on the master’s bed, or, in extreme cases, they can be placed near a radiator. Scientists explain this behavior simply: all cats love warmth, and the bed can hold it for a long time. It’s not easy to list all the qualities of the Cornish Rex breed, but the fact that this cat actually has a special charm is beyond doubt.

What you need to know

Cornish Rex cats are not among the hypoallergenic individuals of the animal world. For people who are allergic to hair, dander (keratinized dead skin cells of the animal) or saliva, it is not recommended to keep such cats. All Rexes have these disadvantages. Cornish Rex are short-haired individuals. Their fur is very soft (much softer than in other types of cats), and sometimes curly. It is precisely because of their short coat that Rexes cannot stay out in the cold or outside for long periods in the wintertime. With a body temperature of 39° C, which is slightly higher than that of other breeds in the feline family, their bodies become hypothermic in the cold air.

Another peculiarity of Rex cats is the unpleasant smell coming from their paws. There are glands in them, which release these “fragrances”. But despite these disadvantages, cats almost never have health problems.


Along with the affectionate demeanor of Rexes, they are active and playful, and remain so throughout their lives. Especially when they are young, they need to play: they chase other pets (if there are any at home), play with toys bought at home or with other residents, doing somersaults and acrobatic jumps while playing. Once in a new home, they easily adapt to their new life, but first they learn it thoroughly. For them, this event becomes a real adventure, which these cats love very much.

The Story of the Cornish Rex

In July 1950, an unusual kitten was born in Cornwall. It was something between regular cats and British short-haired kittens. The unusual cream color of the kitten was complemented by stiff fine locks of hair, covering the baby’s body. As he grew older, the kitten’s appearance became more refined and beautiful. The kitten’s unusual appearance piqued the interest of its owner. To find out why his cat was like this, he decided to consult a British geneticist. It was determined that the kitten was the result of a natural gene mutation. This unusual cat was given the name Rex, because its fur looked a lot like a rabbit coat. And in 1962, the Association of Cat Lovers has given the name of a new breed - the Cornish. And so the Cornish Rex was born. This event, the discovery of a mutant gene in the feline family, was one of the most exciting of this century.

What the Cornish Rex looks like

The Cornish Rex breed is very different from ordinary domestic cats. Its ears are large, perched high, rounded at the tips. Slightly slanting oval eyes are small, but not small. The wedge-shaped face is small, with a straight nose and convex forehead. The head of the cat is placed on the graceful, thin and long neck. The slim, muscular torso does not show the abdomen: it is sunken and taut. Its paws are rounded, small, and compact, just matching its slender and long legs. And hind legs a little longer than front. Thin long tail on which there are curls of hair, tapered. The Cornish Rex has more than 42 different colors.


Caring for the Cornish Rex is usually very easy. Like all other pets in this family, they need to be bathed and brushed. Combs for cats need to be chosen strictly for a particular individual, as the length of each cat’s hair is strikingly different. For cats with a longer coat you need to buy a softer comb or one with fine teeth. And you have to comb very carefully not to damage the cat’s fragile hair. If the Cornish Rex is dark colored or there are only small white spots, you should bathe them less often. But do not bathe them at all, because their fur will look dirty. The corners of Rex cats’ eyes are wiped every day using a soft damp cloth. Inspect the ears weekly and wipe them with a cotton swab soaked in apple cider vinegar diluted in water. Cornish Rex cats are very clean and will never go to the dirty “toilet” (meaning the cat’s toilet). Therefore, keep it clean and fresh at all times. This breed is very afraid of the cold. So, if a person feels the cold, then Rex also begins to freeze. That is why these cats just need to buy a sweater for walks. And going outside with the cat in hot weather, try to lubricate its bare belly with a special cat sunscreen. Cats of this breed are very expensive, so they are often stolen. To prevent this from happening, for the Cornish Rex build special outdoor houses where thieves can’t get. After all, not everyone can give his “friend” a lot of time, and walk the animals need.