Feeding an elderly cat


For animals, as for humans, the basis for longevity as well as a healthy appearance is the intake of proper and balanced food. Just as in humans, as soon as old age arrives, the digestive organs of animals have difficulty digesting any food. For this reason, many dietary diets have been invented that greatly help in prolonging the life of an elderly pet.

world's oldest cat

An older catโ€™s diet should be completely free of foods that are hard to digest. However, no matter what age an animal is, they need to get the same amount of calories, because cats use up just as much energy as they do over the years. Some cats tend to eat less because of dental disease, so you should feed them soft food or special canned food. Protein and vitamins of all kinds should also be in the diet.

A consultation with a veterinarian is ideal, since any peculiarities require an individualized diet.