Cat food Yams (Iams) - reviews and description


An indisputable argument in favor of buying Yams food is the many years of experience of the company, which produces cat food.

Below we list the key benefits of Yams food. We hope they will help you to make the right, intelligent choice:

  • Almost perfect proportions of all healthy vitamins, ingredients, fatty acids, etc. for the cat’s body;
  • Presence of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which ensures that cats’ coats and skin look healthy;
  • After eating Iams premium food, pets’ teeth are strengthened and gastrointestinal function is improved;
  • Fairly reasonable prices, which are several times lower than the premium food from other manufacturers;
  • A wide range of products, as well as a choice of wet and dry food.

The obvious pluses of “cat food” Yams are their low cost, absence of harmful chemicals and preservatives, a fairly wide range of flavors and categories designed for kittens of different ages. However, dry food requires frequent and abundant drinking. Not all cats like to chew such food - for them there is an alternative in the form of wet food. It also has a wide range and is sure to please your Murka. If you know more about Yams food and canned food than we have written, be sure to write about it in the comments.