Hill's cat food (Hill's) - reviews and description


Hill’s products belong to the “super premium” class. It is produced in Holland and the USA, both in canned and dry form. The manufacturer has established the production of not only basic varieties, but also therapeutic formulas.

Of course, your cat’s body may not accept even a premium product. Be sure to monitor your cat for at least a couple of weeks after purchasing Hill’s. If he is doing well, his appetite is good, his stools are normal, and his coat has a nice sheen, you can make Hill’s a regular food.

The American manufacturer has worked properly on the composition of the food, making it rich and varied. Hill’s differs from other cat foods:

  • Affordable price;
  • A wide selection of foods - including therapeutic foods;
  • It is suitable for most animals;
  • The composition of the food is very detailed on the package. Consequently, you will know to the smallest detail what your pet eats;
  • The balanced content of phosphorus, magnesium and calcium cannot be overlooked.

But beware: on rare occasions, Hill’s has been known to cause allergies in some pets. It also contains a lot of vegetable protein, carbohydrates. So with a long and frequent feeding, the cat may gain a little weight.

Wet food Hill’s keeps in the package for a long time and is very caloric. Dry should not be stored in humid areas but is superior to Hill’s wet. A box of dry food (300 grams) costs 160-180 rubles, and a small can of canned food (85 grams) costs 60 rubles.