Cat food Whiskas - reviews and description


Whiskas food first appeared on the market back in 1958. Its manufacturer, Mars Inc. evolved and improved, but it remained an “economy class” brand. This means that instead of quality meat in Whiskas, your cat will find cartilage, skins, and many other ingredients that are difficult to call attractive.

Of course, at first the cat will play well, his coat will shine and get a healthy look. Unpleasant breath will not be, the obvious harm to health Wiskas will not cause. Moreover, the food really has a lot of advantages:

  • It does not need any special cooking. Opened, poured, ate;
  • The manufacturer really respects all the necessary balance of minerals and vitamins;
  • You can safely pour the cat the daily norm and leave for a long time - the food will not go away;
  • Most types of dry food Whiskas inexpensive;
  • The products are varied - from 1 month old kittens to spayed seniors.

You and I have gotten to the cons. And they, to put it mildly, are not happy. First of all, ready-made food Viskas in any case can not be combined with home food. It should be drunk in volumes two or three times the weight of the food eaten. The “economy class”, which was mentioned - this is the lower bar of quality. Wet canned food is expensive, and the reviews of veterinarians and most users are not happy. It has been observed that when Whiskas food is eaten for a long time, it has caused dangerous diseases such as urolithiasis, eye and hearing problems.