Cat food Royal Canin - reviews and description


Do you have a cat in your home? The first thing you have to think about immediately - what exactly will you feed your cat? One of the options is to buy food Royal Canin.Let’s note at once: cat food Royal Canin belongs to the category of products of premium or super premium class. This means that it may well replace even home food. Of course, it’s not without colorings and flavorings: like most factory foods, it has additives. To find out if Royal Canin is for your four-legged friend, look at his appearance and his behavior after a few weeks of feeding. If he’s active enough, wants to play and jump, has no bad breath, and his coat is shiny and nice-looking, you can run to get more food.

The benefits of this food are obvious. You will always have a choice of what to buy and what to leave for later. The price of Royal Kanin is more than affordable, and the quality is ten steps ahead of “economy food. Available, popular, sold in most pet stores. Royal Kanin dry food is incredibly nutritious, economical (if compared with canned food), great to store, even in a dry room.

Of course, not without a few minuses. For example, in our country, feed made in Russia is most often sold. It is almost impossible to find European products. Recently, Mars has bought the rights to the production of this feed. This is another minus - it is unknown how the purchase will affect the quality, because Mars produces “economy class” cat food.