Cat food Perfect Fit - reviews and description


The positive effects of this food on the physical and psychological health of the cat have repeatedly been confirmed by experts. For example, the dry food Perfect Fit takes into account the needs of animals of all ages and lifestyles. And the manufacturer has also developed a special series of foods for kittens, elderly and adult cats, animals with health problems.

If we take into account the cat food series Perfect Fit, it includes five items at once:

  • Junior, or food for kittens who need minerals and vitamins;
  • Active - for active cats;
  • Sensitive - dietary, also for adults;
  • In-home - for indoor cats who rarely or never go outdoors;
  • Senior - designed for cats 8 years and older.

Whichever Perfect Fit food you take, it will consist of components such as fat and protein, ash and fiber, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, copper and zinc, vitamins A, D, E and C, and water. A balanced complex will keep your cat’s kidneys in order, and a set of antioxidants will support a healthy immune system.

In most cases, reviews of Perfect Fit food are positive. In some cases, users complain about too small and uncomfortable packaging. It costs 210-260 rubles for 750 grams of food.